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Walking to work in the streets of Pieve di Cento

My Work Trip to Pieve di Cento in Italy

Recently I was put on a new project at Schneider Electric that’s got a very critical deadline coming up soon. The main team is located in Pieve di Cento in Italy. I was asked by my work manager to travel to Italy so I can help with the execution of the project. The project and technology is very new to me but it’s a good learning opportunity. Given that I like to keep a diary of my journeys, I thought I try to write about my experience over here.

Life here in the small city of Pieve di Cento is very quite. Pieve di Cento is the province of Bolonga (pronounce Bolonia). It’s a historical city and is surrounded by farms. 

I enjoyed my flight by Emirates Aireline. My flight departed Adelaide at 22:30 and reached Dubai after about 13 hour. I stayed in the Dubai airport 4 hours and then took another flight to Bologna, which took 5 hours. I loved the food and enjoyed watching a few movies including The Man Who Knew Infinity, and Doctor Strange a nice movie by Marvel.

I am staying in the Grand Hotel Bologna. It’s not the best hotel I’ve been to but it’s good. The staff are very kind and friendly. I also enjoy the food. However, the room walls are not very sound proof and I could hear other rooms watching TV. It’s got a gym and swimming pool but I haven’t tried them as I’ve been very busy with work.


For the fear of not finding much food that I can eat, my family packed too much snacks for the duration of my stay, which I realised it’s too much 😀 … the food at the hotel is quite good so never had to open a can. Also at work we have a cafeteria which serves various food.

In the morning I wake up at 7, have breakfast and head off to work, which is 20 min walk, and I work from 8:30 to 6:30 pm. By the time I reach to the hotel it’s 7 pm and time to eat dinner and rest for another busy day on the day after. I have a very good accompany, my colleague Mike who is very knowledgeable and I enjoy chatting with him on different topics. We have a lot of similar interests like technology, photography, travelling and so on.

Here’s some pictures of the route we take every day to work. The structure of houses are very interesting. It’s a historical place and they houses a similar theme.. For example, the colour of house walls is usually yellow or pink. 

Here’s some pictures of my work place in the Schneider Electric office in Pieve di Cento:

It’s been several days living in Italy now, which is very different from the life in Australia. Firstly the weather is fairly cold about 4 centigrade. Most of days it’s cloudy with a fog, whereas in Adelaide I heard the weather is reaching a temperature of 44 or more. 

Soon, I’ll share more pictures of my trip.. 

By the way, this is the website you can check the travel time of the trains: http://www.trenitalia.com/

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