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Research Center

MIT-Learning and Intelligent Systems Lab

Research interests include behavior learning in very large environments, learning for robot motion planning, visual scene understanding, and transfer learning. Multi-Agent Learning: From Game Theory to Ad-hoc Networks Learning Subtask Goal to Improve Motion Planning

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MIT-Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems

The current research activities of the laboratory cover a wide range of theoretical and applied areas in Learning, Adaptation, and Layered Intelligent Systems, Communication Science and Systems, Control Theory, Estimation and Signal Processing, Algorithms, and Perceptual Systems and Machine Learning.

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MIT-Computer Sciences-Agent-Based Intelligent Reactive Environments- Projects

Metaglue: Multi-agent distributed system Hyperglue: A new infrastructure layer that will allow Metaglue-enabled spaces to interact with one another. A Plan-Based Command Post for Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles (UAVs)

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Agent Group at RMIT

The Agents Group is part of the “Intelligent Systems” area within the School of Computer Science and Information Technology. The group has basically two main areas of reasearch: agent reasoning (e.g., goal reasoning, plan coordination, failure recovery, goal-plan conflict/resolution, etc.) and agent-oriented software engineering (e.g., design, testing, software methodologies & ...

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