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Recording your Voice With Good Quality in Audacity

Audacity is a great tool for recording sound and applying effects on your sound to make it better. It allows you to remove noise from the sound, amplify it and my apply various effects to make it sound better. Here I go through some of the basic ones with you.  

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Office ترفند مهم در

با فونتهای مختلف متن خود را تایپ نموده اید، اما وقتی آن را برای پرینت و یا نمایش، به کامپیوتر دیگری منتقل میکنید، خواهید دید که تمام فونت هایتان به هم ریخته است. حتمأ میدانید که این موضوع به خاطر آن است که شما بر روی کامپیوترتان از فونتی استفاده ...

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How to recover your lost files

Step 1: Don’t do anything to your memory cad Step 2: Fire up a recovery software suite – Download Recuva www.piriform.com Step 3: Install and Run the program on your PC Step 4: Choose what files you want to retrieve Step 5: Run the Recuva and see what files it ...

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How to fix windows boot

Load from Windows CD and press R for Repair. In the command line Enter Fixboot and fixmbr to fix boot options The bootcfg command is a Microsoft Windows XP Recovery Console command that manipulates the Boot.ini file. This command has a function that can scan your hard disks for Microsoft ...

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