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Dr Mohammad Khazab completed his Ph.D. in Computer Systems Engineering (Artificial Intelligence) at the University of South Australia in 2011. He has worked as Senior Software Engineer, Web Developer, and Research Associate on various projects. Currently he works at Schneider Electric on the design and development of new software solutions for smart devices used for home automation and Internet of Things. He's also been working on enterprise software for supply chain network simulation and optimisation, advanced planning and scheduling. In his spare times, In his spare times, he works on creating websites and mobile applications (Web2day Design), researching and writing about cutting-edge technologies in this blog. He has ambitions to solve real-world problems, and to use his knowledge and skills to develop useful applications.

Recording your Voice With Good Quality in Audacity

Audacity is a great tool for recording sound and applying effects on your sound to make it better. It allows you to remove noise from the sound, amplify it and my apply various effects to make it sound better. Here I go through some of the basic ones with you.  

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SouthStart Conference 2017 Highlights

I attended the Southstart Conference / Expo on 6 July 2017, which was held in Adelaide convention centre. It was a showcase of entrepreneurship & innovation in South Australia. There were many great speeches and panel discussions by StartUps leaders. It was a great networking activity and very inspirational and motivational ...

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Mind-controlled Wheelchair using Artificial Intelligence

After having an accident and spending 24 hours paralyzed, Dr Jordan Nguyen vowed to focus his research career on helping people with disabilities. He spend his time learning about neuroscience, medical science, robotics, artificial intelligence and biomedical instrumentation in order to create devices that can convert brain signals into actions ...

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Girl with Cerebral Palsy Playing Music with Her Eyes

Dr Jordan Nguyen and his team created a special music device with an eye tracking camera, to allow Jess to play music with her eyes. Jess suffers from Cerebral Palsy, which affect her muscles movements and coordination. With the aid of this device, Jess was able to play classical music ...

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Becoming Superhuman thanks to Dr Jordan Nguyen

In this series, Biomedical engineer Dr Jordan Nguyen and and his engineering interns try to make a boy’s wildest dreams come true with cutting-edge technology. He’s promised 13 year-old Riley Saban he will invent a device to help Riley achieve the impossible… to drive a car using the movement of ...

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Speech to Text Website

I found this website (SpeechTexter.com) that types your speech. There’s probably lot of them out there but this one was interesting for me as it even supports my native language (Farsi). Unfortunately it’s not well supported in the mobile view at the moment. Let me know if you know any ...

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Making 3D Models from Single Photograph

This is an interesting software that allows making 3D Models From A Single Photograph. The user only needs to define the three dimensions of an object in a photo using the mouse cursor, and the software will generate the 3D model by extracting it from the 2D photograph and by ...

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The AI that allows you to impersonate anyone you want

Here’s an interesting and concerning advancement of Artificial Intelligence. This technology allows you to impersonate anyone by manipulating a video footage of someone with your facial expressions using a depth-sensing camera. This can be used to create fake news!! In future we would have problem determining the authenticity news!  Researchers at ...

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Building the future of Humanity

I’m amazed by the contributions and ambitions this man have in making a change to the future of humanity (Autonomus electric cars, Space travel, Open AI, Underground tunnels for fast car transportation, …). Watch this amazing video and get inspired. Elon Musk: The future we’re building — and boring. 

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