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Vaunt smart glasses by Intel

Vaunt smart glasses by Intel

These smart glasses are called Vaunt and they’re completely different from what you’re expecting. What’s amazing about these glasses is they look normal and they feel really light on my head. They only weigh about 50 grams. If you wear prescription glasses, the prescription is used for looking at the world but not for the image we send you.


You’re in the kitchen, you’re cooking, you go, “Alexa, I need that recipe for cookies,” and it just appears on your glasses.

Maybe more importantly, do you remember how smartphones changed how we all talk to each other? What do you think smart glasses are going to do? Will we accept that the people we’re talking to might be reading Facebook on their glasses when we’re just trying to have a dinner conversation? You can’t really tell when somebody’s paying attention to something on a Vaunt, only the person wearing the glasses can see it.

We’re a little ways from needing to worry about those social questions, but whether Intel releases smart glasses first or somebody else beats them to the punch, this technology is definitely coming.

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