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Recording your Voice With Good Quality in Audacity

Audacity is a great tool for recording sound and applying effects on your sound to make it better. It allows you to remove noise from the sound, amplify it and my apply various effects to make it sound better. Here I go through some of the basic ones with you.


Removing Noise from your Recorded Sound:

Firstly, select a portion of the sound where the noise is and from the menu, click on the Effects > Noise Removal. Click on Get Noise Profile. Then select all the sound wave by double clicking on it and this time press Ok.

 As you can see the noise is removed: 

Amplify your Sound

Sometimes during recording you might have spoken very quietly or you might be further away from your microphone resulting in low volume. So you may want to amplify your voice sound. In order to do this open Dynamic Range Compressor from if it’s Effect menu and use the default settings. 


Equally Level your Voice

When you are recording sometimes might be talking very loud or you might be talking very quiet so you want to make sure all your voices are equality divided. You can use their hard limiter to cut off the high signals.

From the Effect section, select Hard Limiter. Choose a Db limit of -4.0 and Wet level of 1.0 as shown below. 

As you can see 



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