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The AI that allows you to impersonate anyone you want

Here’s an interesting and concerning advancement of Artificial Intelligence. This technology allows you to impersonate anyone by manipulating a video footage of someone with your facial expressions using a depth-sensing camera. This can be used to create fake news!! In future we would have problem determining the authenticity news! 

Researchers at Stanford University demonstrated a face-swapping program called Face2Face (Face2Face: Real-time Face Capture and Reenactment of RGB Videos)

A smartphone app called FaceApp, released recently by a company based in Russia, can automatically modify someone’s face to add a smile, add or subtract years, or swap genders.

A company called Lyrebird, which was spun out of the University of Montreal, demonstrated technology that it says can be used to impersonate another person’s voice.

These technologies could potentially have dangerous consequences.



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