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CaptionBot: a web robot that can understand the content of any image

Today I logged into my skype account after a long time and noticed a cool feature that allows you to add some chat bots to your contact list. Each have different capabilities. This one is my favourite:

CaptionBot is a web robot that can understand the content of any image. You send an image to it and it’ll describe it. I was amazed by the answers it gave. Not all of them where accurate as it’s still learning but to get those answers and descriptions from a program is quite amazing and shows the advancements of the Artificial Intelligence. Below is a sample of image of 3 Penguins that I uploaded and the description it provided is as follows:

“I am not really confident, but I think it’s a black bird standing on a beach”

It didn’t quite get that there are 3 birds and what type of bird it is but one thing that it picked up (which I actually didn’t pay attention 🙂 ) is that they are standing on a beach!

AI would work as a good companion for us and bring a great value by assisting us with analysing data better and finding information that we might miss.

It’s probably not as cool as Google Photos AI capability in detecting the content of images but it’s interesting.


Here’s some of the other chat bots.  My other favourite ones are Ava Zoom the automated virtual assistant and Summarize

AvaZoom: can handle tasks such as scheduling a meeting with someone in your contact list, scheduling reminders, scheduling an Uber, searching for flights and more.  Some example tasks that you can ask it to do:

schedule a coffee meeting with John Smith next week at Cafe Trieste
schedule a call with John Smith in two weeks
postpone meeting with John Smith to next month
cancel my meeting with John Smith
when is my meeting with John Smith?
what meetings do I have tomorrow?

Also checkout http://alice.pandorabots.com/



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