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The Secret


The Law of Attraction is a metaphysical New Thought belief that “like attracts like”, that positive and negative thinking bring about positive and negative physical results, respectively. According to the Law of Attraction, the phrase “I need more money” allows the subject to continue to “need more money”. If the subject wants to change this they would focus their thoughts on the goal (having more money) rather than the problem (needing more money). This might take the form of phrases such as “I will make more money” or “I will find a job that pays very well”.

به طور خلاصه بیان می‌کند که هر آنچه در ذهن انسان تصور شود اعم از خوب یا بد، زشت یا زیبا و … در دنیای واقعی نمود خواهد یافت. سرعت و شدت به واقعیت پیوستن این تصویر ذهنی به شدت تمرکز روی آن موضوع و وضوح تصویر آن در ذهن بستگی دارد.
اين جمله بدين معنيست كه هرآنچه را كه به آن فكر مي‌كني، بوجود خواهد آمد! كه البته
اين قانون، تنها يك رابطه‌ايست كه عده‌اي بين افكار و رخدادهاي زندگيشان به آن معتقد هستند

About Mohammad

Dr Mohammad Khazab completed his Ph.D. in Computer Systems Engineering (Artificial Intelligence) at the University of South Australia in 2011. He has worked as Senior Software Engineer, Web Developer, and Research Associate on various projects. Currently he works at Schneider Electric on the design and development of new software solutions for smart devices used for home automation and Internet of Things. He's also been working on enterprise software for supply chain network simulation and optimisation, advanced planning and scheduling. In his spare times, In his spare times, he works on creating websites and mobile applications (Web2day Design), researching and writing about cutting-edge technologies in this blog. He has ambitions to solve real-world problems, and to use his knowledge and skills to develop useful applications.

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