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پدر جان دوستت داریم

پدرم راه تمام زندگيست ، پدرم دلخوشي هميشگيست . روزت مبارك پدر جان




 پدر اي چراغ خونه! مرد دريا، مرد بارون
با تو زندگي يه باغه، بي تو سرده مثل زندون
هر چي دارم از تو دارم ، تو بهار آرزوها
هنوزم اگه نگيري، دستامو مي افتم از پا



اي تکيه گاه محکم من، اي پدر جان / اي ابر بارنده ي مهر و لطف و احسان
اي نام زيبايت هميشه اعتبارم / خدمت به تو در همه حال، هست افتخارم.


ميدوني فرق روز پدر با روز مادر چيه ؟ روز مادر طلافروشي ها شلوغ ميشه اما روز پدر جوراب فروشي ها . . . ميدوني شباهتشون چيه ؟ پول هر دو از جيب بابا ميره .

About Mohammad

Dr Mohammad Khazab completed his Ph.D. in Computer Systems Engineering (Artificial Intelligence) at the University of South Australia in 2011. He has worked as Senior Software Engineer, Web Developer, and Research Associate on various projects. Currently he works at Schneider Electric on the design and development of new software solutions for smart devices used for home automation and Internet of Things. He's also been working on enterprise software for supply chain network simulation and optimisation, advanced planning and scheduling. In his spare times, In his spare times, he works on creating websites and mobile applications (Web2day Design), researching and writing about cutting-edge technologies in this blog. He has ambitions to solve real-world problems, and to use his knowledge and skills to develop useful applications.

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  1. \پدرم الان 5 سال پیش خدایی…ولی 5 دقیقه هم فراموشت نکردیم. روزت مبارک پدر پدر م متشکرم

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