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Adelaide is world’s 8th most liveable city

Adelaide is world’s 8th most liveable city but behind Sydney and Melbourne according to the latest edition of the Economist magazine’s global liveability survey.

But the WA capital is still an enviable 8th place among the 140 global cities surveyed by the magazine’s intelligence unit for the annual index, released overnight.

The survey ranks cities across 30 indicators of relative comfort in five broad categories: stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure.

Cities are given a relative score between zero and 100. Perth achieved 95.9 and  Adelaide 95.7.

Vancouver might be battling to produce enough snow for the 2010 Winter Olympics, which begin tomorrow, but it can take solace in its No.1 ranking with a score of 98.0.

The Austrian capital Vienna was ranked second with a score of 97.9 and Melbourne third, with 97.5. Sydney is seventh with 96.1 and Adelaide tied with Perth for eighth.

The top ten was dominated by Canadian (three) and Australian (four) cities.

New Zealand’s top performer, Auckland, slotted in behind Perth and Adelaide with 95.7.

2012 Summer Olympics host London ranked in 54th position, while Johannesburg, which will host the final of the 2010 soccer World Cup, ranked 92nd.

1. Vancouver (Canada)
2. Vienna (Austria)
3. Melbourne (Australia)
4. Toronto (Canada)
5. Calgary (Canada)
6. Helsinki (Finland)
7. Sydney (Australia)
=8. Perth (Australia)
=8. Adelaide (Australia)

10. Auckland (New Zealand)

140. Harare (Zimbabwe)
=138. Dhaka (Bangladesh)
=138. Algiers (Algeria)
137. Port Moresby (Papua New Guinea)
136. Lagos (Nigeria)
135. Karachi (Pakistan)
134. Doulala (Cameroon)
133. Kathmandu (Nepal)
132. Colombo (Sri Lanka)
=130. Dakar (Senegal)
=130. Tehran (Iran)

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