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Making objects invisible!!!

A group of scientists have discovered ways to make objects invisible 

The Research Group of Prof. David R. Smith (Duke University)

Novel Electromagnetic Materials

In a recent paper published in the journal Science, we have outlined a theoretical method to design a material that would render objects invisible. This topic has raised an enormous amount of interest worldwide, and with that interest inevitably comes rampant speculation about what might be possible with this new paradigm. With all the speculation it can become easy to blur the line between what is science fact and what remains science fiction! So, we thought we’d describe here, in a non-technical way, our view on the prospects of invisibility, and try to sort out the fact from the fiction.

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محققان امریكایی و چینی با ساخت یك سیستم خاص پیشرفت های قابل توجه ای در زمینه نامرئی كردن انجام دادند.

دیوید اسمیت از دانشگاه دوك ایالت كارولینای شمالی اعلام كرد ما با الهام از سراب كه در جاده های بسیار گرم در تابستان دیده می‌شود متوجه شدیم كه امكان نامرئی كردن وجود دارد.
این گروه ازمحققان یك سری فرمول های ریاضی را تهیه كردند كه اجازه تولید فرا ماده را می‌دهد كه درحالت طبیعی وجود ندارد و می‌تواند اشیا را نامرئی كند.

اشعه های مادون قرمز و نور مرئی بر روی اشیاء مانند آب بر روی سنگ سر می‌خورند و اجازه دیدن آن را نمی‌دهند. محققان اعلام كردند این كشف می‌تواند به ما كمك كند تا توانایی‌های خود را گسترش دهیم و موج‌های نورانی اشیا را نامرئی كنیم.

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Dr Mohammad Khazab completed his Ph.D. in Computer Systems Engineering (Artificial Intelligence) at the University of South Australia in 2011. He has worked as Senior Software Engineer, Web Developer, and Research Associate on various projects. Currently he works at Schneider Electric on the design and development of new software solutions for smart devices used for home automation and Internet of Things. He's also been working on enterprise software for supply chain network simulation and optimisation, advanced planning and scheduling. In his spare times, In his spare times, he works on creating websites and mobile applications (Web2day Design), researching and writing about cutting-edge technologies in this blog. He has ambitions to solve real-world problems, and to use his knowledge and skills to develop useful applications.

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