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INI files

In the world of windows, The INI file format is a common format for configuration files. INI files are simple text files with a basic structure. They are commonly associated with Microsoft Windows, but are also used on other platforms. The use of the “INI file” has been deprecated in Windows and corresponding data should be placed in the registry. The name “INI file” comes from the filename extension usually used, “.INI”, that stands for “initialization”. Sometimes files using the INI file format will use a different extension, such as “.CFG”, “.conf”, or “.TXT”.

The basic element contained in an INI file is the parameter. Every parameter has a name and a value, delimited by an equals sign (=). The name appears to the left of the equals sign.


Semicolons (;) indicate the start of a comment.

To read ini values:
Properties Prm = new Properties();
Prm.load(new FileInputStream(“params.ini”));

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