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Create AJAX Application
Reference: w3schools




– Each time a user moves the finger away from a keyboard ajaxFunction() is called

– The onreadystatechange property stores the function that will process the response from a server.
The following code sets the onreadystatechange property and stores an empty function inside it:
This code sets the value of the “Time” input field equal to responseText:

– The readyState property holds the status of the server’s response.
Each time the readyState property changes, the onreadystatechange function will be executed.
Possible values for the readyState property:
State Description
0 The request is not initialized
1 The request has been set up
2 The request has been sent
3 The request is in process
4 The request is complete

– The data sent back from a server can be retrieved with the responseText property.

– The code in “time.asp” looks like this:
< % response.expires=-1 response.write(time) %>

– for html use “echo $response”

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