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Paypal accounts

Premier accounts are for members who will have a high transaction volume, need to accept credit card payments, or would like access to our special features. Premier accounts include all the benefits of Personal accounts, as well as our special features.

Business accounts allow you to do business under a company or group name, accept all payment types for low fees, and accept payment from customers without PayPal accounts. Premier accounts include all the benefits of Personal accounts, as well as our special features.

HTML Variables for Website Payments Standard  

Benefits: Premier and Business Accounts

Send Money
Send payments to anyone with an email address.
Request Money
Request payments from anyone with an email address.
Auction Tools
Accept PayPal directly from your auction listings.
Automatically invoice your buyers.
Automatically remind bidders about your auctions.
Accept payments on your website.
Create PayPal buttons and accept instant payments from your website.
International Payments
Send and receive payments with members in 190 countries and regions.

Downloadable Log
Download your account history into a spreadsheet or Quicken.
Email-based customer service.

Special Features: Premier and Business Accounts Only

Accept unlimited credit card payments.
Subscriptions and Recurring Payments
Implement subscription payments for your content or services.
Mass Payments
Make payments to hundreds of people at once.
Multiple Logins
Give your employees limited access to your PayPal account.
Five-day-a-week customer service call centre.


Paypal Test Accounts

How to create and verify a test account

1. Go to developer.paypal.com and Login with your paypal username

2. Click on Test Accounts and Preconfigured

3. Choose Seller or Buyer account and select a username and password . enter an account balance between 0 and 9999

4. Select the test account and click on “Enter Sandbox Test Site”

5. Login with the email and password of the test account

6. When you log in some where on the first page it says: Status: unverified (Get verifid).. Click on Get verified

7. To verify it asks you to enter your bank account details

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