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Membership and Online Payment

MemberWing Membership allows you to quickly build powerful WordPress Membership Web Site in minutes. MemberWing includes multilevel SEO (Search Engine Optimization) enhancements to help your membership site rank higher on major search engines as well as to boost visitor engagement.


  • Download + activate MemberWing.
  • Insert anywhere in post simple text marker: {+}{++}{+++}{++++}. 4 levels of membership: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum. Use just 1 or all 4 if wanted to. Everything before marker – is free “teaser”. Everything after – premium protected content.
  • Make a note of “Premium Content Warning Message”. This message will be displayed to an unregistered visitor. 
    Check <a href=”/join/”> part of the string. This is URL where your visitors will be given an option to join your site. Edit it to your needs – so it will point to existing page. Create this page and describe the benefits of joining your membership site. Paste your Paypal’s “Subscribe” button code

Access the following page and follow the instructions presented: (substitute it for proper URL pointing to your
MemberWing location) http://www.YOUR-WEBSITE-NAME.com/wp-content/plugins/MEMBERWING-DIRECTORY/ionize_wordpress.php
This page will offer you extra diagnostics and help links about IonCube support at your hosting provider: http://www.YOUR-WEBSITE-NAME.com/wp-content/plugins/MEMBERWING-DIRECTORY/ioncube/ioncube-loader-helper.php


Install IonCube

when you try to activate MemberWing plugin and observe this error message:
Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error” – it means IonCube is not currently enabled at your hosting space.

Ioncube is already installed on the server your hosting account is on. To get your scripts to use ioncube there are two things that must be done. 

First, you need to get a template php.ini with ioncube already configured in it. This can be accomplished by doing the following: 
1. Login to your control panel 
2. Choose “PHP Config” 
3. Check the box labeled “IonCube” under “Install Default php.ini” 
That will place php.ini file with the name of php.ini.default in your public_html folder. 

Second, you need to rename the file from “php.ini.default” to be “php.ini” and place into whichever folder you need IonCube installed. 
You can do that using the file manager, ftp or ssh.


Integration with Paypal.com :

  1. Make a note of “Paypal IPN code…” text field inside MemberWing admin settings area. This string needs to be copied into your paypal subscription button code into “advanced variables” (see Step 3 – “customize advanced features” below)

Setup Automated Payment processing and user management features.
Go to your Paypal account and create subscription button. While logged into your paypal account follow these steps:

  1. You need to have Paypal Business or Premier account to have IPN enabled. If your account is not Business or Premier – you need to upgrade it first using whatever instructions Paypal provides you with.
    If your account is Business or Premier and IPN is enabled enabled – you may proceed. If you are not sure about your IPN settings- do this:
    – Go to My account->Profile->Selling Preferences->Instant Payment Notification Preferences.
    – Press [Edit] button and enable it: [x] – Set notification URL to the root page of your domain: http://www.yourdomain.com/ Why root? It really doesn’t matter in this area as long as you set this URL to the domain that belongs to you. You will customize actual Paypal notification URL further down for each button that you will generate. (IPN URL for your subscription buttons must point to the MemberWing’s plugin notify.php script)
  2. Go to: Merchant Services->”Create buttons”->”Subscribe”. These options might be named a bit differently for your specific paypal setup. You need to find an area for subscription button creation.
  3. Step 1 (Choose button type …): Accept payments for…: “Subscriptions and recurring billing”
  4. Item name – set a name for your membership, such as “John’s Success Blog Gold Membership”. Ignore subscription ID.
    NOTE: It is very important so that the name of your subscription will contain either of these words: “bronze“, “silver“, “gold” or “platinum“. MemberWing will use the name of your subscription to know which member group new paid user should be added to.
    If you need only 1 subscription level – then you don’t have to use any of the above words. In this case MemberWing will automatically add new paid member to the “Gold Members” group and you’ll need to use “gold” separator to define premium contents, such as: 
    …free teaser…{+++}premium contents starts here…
  5. Further down: “Customize Button” -> [x] Add text field. This is important step to offer your new member to pick his username/password.
  6. “Enter name of text field” = “Desired username:”
  7. “Add another text field” -> “Enter name” = “Desired password:”
    NOTE: desired User ID and Password fields that you just created – must be present and in this same order for payment automation to work properly.
    NOTE: Do NOT check “Have Paypal create usernames and passwords”. Leave it unchecked.
  8. UPDATE: You may skip creation of username:/password: fields. If these filed will not be created MemberWing will generate username and password for customer.
  9. “Customize appearance” – feel free to change anything there.
  10. Further down set currency, recurring amount, billing cycle, etc.
  11. Step 2 (Track inventory): you don’t need to do anything here as we are talking information access subscription.
  12. Step 3 (Customize Advanced Features):
    You need to have Paypal business account to have IPN enabled. If it is enabled – you may proceed. If not – you’ll see a message:
    “Upgrade to a PayPal business account…”. Follow steps to do that. After that:
  13. Check if you want customer’s shipping address. It is recommended to enable it as it will let you market to your customers by mail as well.
  14. Check [x]“Advanced Variables” and paste into the text field the code that is shown inside MemberWing’s configuration area under
    “Paypal IPN code to be used during creation of Paypal Subscription button”. This line should look like:
    (but with your domain name of course). Copy and paste this line into “Advanced variables” text field.
  15. Press “Create Button”.
  16. Repeat above steps for each membership subscription button you want to create. MemberWing supports 4 levels of membership and if you want to use, say, 3 levels for your premium membership site – you’ll need to create 3 subscription buttons.

Integration with 2Checkout.com :

  1. In your WordPress admin area, left sidebar,  goto Settings->MemberWing Plugin
  2. Find area named: “2Checkout.com integration”. Copy/paste URL from the edit field. It will look like this:
  3. Copy this URL (you will be pasting it into your 2Checkout’s admin panel soon.
  4. Login to your 2checkout.com vendor administration panel.
    Make sure you’ll use “New Vendor Admin Area”
  5. Navigate to Account->Notifications
  6. Find “Global URL” area. Paste URL from MemberWing’s admin area in here.
  7. Press [Apply] button.
  8. Check radiobutton named  (x)-Enable All Notifications
  9. Press proper [Apply] button. This will populate URLs in other edit fields on this screen.
  10. Scroll down on this screen and at the very bottom press [Save Settings] button.
  11. Above will cause any sales/refund event to send notification directly to MemberWing script. MemberWing script will pick up notification and will perform appropriate action, such as adding or removing users from your member’s list automatically.
  12. You, as administrator, will get notifications by email whenever these actions will happen.
  13. TIP: To  generate “buy” button for your recurring subscriptions:
    1. Goto Products->View, click on little “screen” next to your product.
    2. Copy HTML code into the “join” page of your blog.
    3. TIP: within given HTML code you may replace ‘action’ URL to “one page checkout” URL:
      That will streamline the checkout process for your customers even more.

Integration with PayDotCom.com :

  1. Login to PayDotCom.com
  2. Go to: My Products tab->Create a new product ( or My Products tab->View/Edit my products)
  3. Create new subscription product (or edit existing one).
  4. Set product Title, such as “John’s Success Blog Gold Membership”. 
    NOTE: It is very important so that the name of your subscription product will contain either of these words: “bronze“, “silver“, “gold” or “platinum“. MemberWing will use the name of your subscription to know which member group new paid user should be added to.
    If you need only 1 subscription level – then you don’t have to use any of the above words. In this case MemberWing will automatically add new paid member to the “Gold Members” group and you’ll need to use “gold” separator to define premium contents, such as: 
    …free teaser…{+++}premium contents starts here…
    If you will not use any of above keywords to define your product – then MemberWing will assign all users to “Gold” membership level.
  5. Click on “Payment Settings”.
  6. Find area named: “IPN URL:
  7. Paste into this area URL snippet found under your MemberWing administrative settings / PayDotCom IPN URL code to be used…:
    Wordpress Settings->MemberWing plugin->PayDotCom IPN URL code to be used…
  8. Fill in all other subscription product details at your PayDotCom product creation screens.
  9. [Save]
  10. Go to:  My Products tab->View/Edit my products
  11. Find your product there and click: Make Payment Button.
  12. Copy/Paste snippet of PayDotCom “buy” code into your “join” page.

Integration with Rapid Action Profits (RAP):

  1. Install and activate MemberWing plugin
  2. Install and configure RAP, create at least one membership product that will be used with MemberWing.
  3. Unzip memberwing_rap.zip and copy all addon files inside RAP installation:
    so that addon’s files will end in this location:
  4. Go to RAP administration screen, Addons, click on MemberWing addon and have it installed.
    Confirm successful installation (3 green checkmarks)
  5. Click again: Addons->MemberWing addon and addon’s administration screen will open.
    You will need to do 2 things:
    – Paste integration code from MemberWing plugin’s
    – Select product(s) that will be integrated with MemberWing – usually your “memberships”.
  6. Login to your WordPress site’s admin panel at:
  7. Go to Settings->MemberWing plugin and find section named: “MemberWing + Rapid Action Profits Integration code”
  8. Copy code from this section.
  9. Go back to RAP administration -> MemberWing addon’s administration screen.
    Paste the code into the proper field (RAP+MemberWing integration Code)
  10. Select product(s) to be integrated with MemberWing – usually it is “premium membership” products.
  11. Press [Save Settings]

If no error messages appeared – your RAP is successfully integrated with MemberWing now.
Now every time new customer purchased your membership product – MemberWing will create a proper premium account for him. 
Your membership product name is used to determine his membership level. Use keywords: “bronze”, “silver”, “gold” or “platinum” in product name as a hint. If no keywords are used in product name – default level “Gold” will be assigned to new customer.

If you want to disconnect/deactivate integration between MemberWing and RAP – go to RAP administration screen, MemberWing addon, uncheck all products and press [Save Settings].

MembeWing Usage :

  1. Inside your article (or page) body insert premium contents marker like this:
    My first premium article:
    This is teaser of my premium article that everyone can see.{+++} And this is premium part that can only be seen by Gold and Platinum members.
    My another premium article:
    Free teaser part visible for everyone. {+} This part is only visible to Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum members.
  2. You may insert these markers into already existing articles as well and they will become protected.
  3. If for some reason you cannot use Paypal IPN – payment notification functionality – you’ll have to add each premium member manually upon successful payment. You’ll also need to remove member from “premium” group if he cancels his subscription. 
    To add new users to the premium members area:
    – Users tab->Add New User section-> fill in information
    – At the “Role” area choose user’s role to “Bronze member”, “Silver member”, “Gold member” or “Platinum member”.
    – Press [Add User] button. 
    Don’t forget to remove user if he cancels subscription.
    NOTE: This step is not necessary if you properly created subscription buttons with IPN code enambed as described in “Setup Automated Payment processing and user management features” above.
  4. Notes:
    – Administrator has access to all premium content by default
    – Higher level members inherits all properties of lower levels, for ex: Gold will have access to Bronze and Silver’ contents, and Platinum will see everyone’s contents.

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