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Autonomous Decision-Making Software (AOS)

jack-logo-grey-background-2AOS leads the world in the revolutionary new field of autonomous and semi-autonomous systems. Our software products provide the decision-making capability that underlies autonomy. With current applications including decision support, oil production management, autonomous air and underwater vehicles, as well as advanced military simulation systems, our software has potential application to the road transport and financial industries.


AOS works with partners and customers to incorporate autonomy into their products, industry or organisation, using JACK, C-BDI and CoJACK.

Difference of Automation and Autonomy

Automation characterises a system (an “automatic” system) that has fixed choice points, that is it is programmed with a number of fixed alternative actions that are selected by the system in response to inputs from particular sensors

Autononous systems differ from automatic ones in that they make rational decisions based on knowledge of the current situation. ..

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