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Arranged – Friendship Has No Religion

My comments about the movie are in the rest of this post

I find no other way to describe this must seen movie than these beautiful and meaningful peoms of Sa’di a famous peot of Shiraz (Iran) who said:

Regardless of color, creed and shape of our face,
We’re members of Family of Man-the Human Race.
If one member ails and I do not offer a solace,
In the Family of Man I do not deserve a place.

I am wondered by the way media and governments separate people by discriminating them and making them feel their differences rather than their similarities. Friendship has no religion… that is the message of this movie and truly what a wonderful world it would be if everyone believes in that…. if everyone loves other people regardless of their nationality and religion as long as they are good people who choose justice and peace, and cause no harm to innocent human beings.

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