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کلاغ و طوطی

کلاغ و طوطي هر دو سياه و زشت آفريده شدند طوطي شکايت کرد و خداوند او را زيبا کرد ولي کلاغ گفت : هر چه از دوست رسد نيکوست و نتيجه آن شد که مي بيني .طوطي هميشه در قفس کلاغ هميشه آزاد


About Mohammad

Dr. Mohammad Khazab completed his Ph.D. in Computer Systems Engineering at the University of South Australia, where he researched on Artificial Intelligence and creating dynamic applications. He has worked as Senior Software Engineer, Web Developer, and Research Associate on various projects. He has ambitions to solve real-world problems, and to use his knowledge and skills to develop professional and industrial software applications. He's also founder of some Start-ups including Web2day Design.

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