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Java DataBase Connectivity

JDBC stands for “Java DataBase Connectivity. The JDBC API is a Java API that can access any kind of tabular data.


Setup Database Connection

1. Download Connector/J, which is used to connect to the MySQL database via a JDBC driver contained in a .jar file.

2. Unzip the package. It contains the sources, the class files, and the JAR archive named
mysql-connector-java-[version]-bin.jar, and starting with Connector/J 3.1.8 a debug build of the driver in a file named mysql-connector-java-[version]-bin-g.jar.

3. Place the location of mysql-connector-java-[version]-bin.jar in your CLASSPATH (user environment variables)


4.Read the documentations


JDBC Tutorial
For more information read the tutorials on sun website or the documentation in the Connector/J package. 

Eclipse SQL Client for database querying/browsing any JDBC compliant database. It supports plugins with specialized functionality for individual databases (Oracle, DB2 and MySQL) and can be extended for to include specialized support for other databases.

You can install and update Eclipse SQL Explorer via the eclipse update mechanism. The update site for Eclipse SQL Explorer is http://eclipsesql.sourceforge.net/ (go to Help->software Updates)

After Installation is complete go to – > Windows – Open Perspective – other – SQL Explorer



Click on the ‘Create a New Connection Profile’ in the Connection window

Add/Edit Driver


Edit the Connection Profile:



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